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It’s Simple Mathematics

  • 1+1=3:Synergy
  • 0 AB bases vs. 5 = lost AB
  • 15 attackers vs. 15 defenders = routed attack
  • 15 defenders at 1 base = 4 unguarded bases.

Don’t get routed, steal flags!

I was in an AB the other night, actually I was in several.

Two of them stood out.

Alliance meet Brick Wall

In one match the Horde held all 5 bases and the Alliance threw themselves against the pack of Horde time and again to the same result. (more…)

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Somebody, Somewhere, Said Something about me…..  Scarlet Torturers and of course, character portraits…

Yes, yes there was a minor detail about it being a video… but…

If you scroll up and down the page real fast, it will kind of be like a video, the worst video you have ever seen mind you… but… whatever…

Gnomeaggedon has been patrolling the streets of Ironforge, hanging out at the bridge spruking his wares (and you can see all of them hanging out), generally making sure that everyone in Aman’Thul knows that Gnomeaggedon is on a Nekkid protest until he receives the goods in the mail.


Bareback gets a new meaning

He did finally jump on a bird and head to the Monastery. (more…)

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