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Gank me once…

This is a shout out to my favorite tank, Vikingmetal!

At 74 Squidly realized he was eligible for a new totem, one that did more than just save bag space.

To get it he just had to do some easy peasy dailies in Grizzly hills. They are PvP dailies, in a PvP zone, but hey, I like PvP and these days you are lucky to see someone of your own faction let alone the stinking Horde.

Everything was going to plan, Horde NPCs meeting a swift end, Alliance NPCs being brought back from the brink of full health with a quick bandage. The only sign of PC habitation was another Alliance player at the other side of the camp.

Unholy DK Batman!

Then there was that sound.
There was also that purple stream
Ohhh and of course my body being launched through the air (more…)

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Wubbzy Trains a Farmer

Have I ever mentioned my son Odin?
Have I told you he is 3?

Of course I have, too many times to count.

We have also joked about me training him to farm for me.

That hasn’t happened yet… Yet.

Until recently he hasn’t been allowed to play on the PC.

  • It’s not that I fear that he will break it.
  • It’s not that he would be eating into my play time.
  • It’s not even the fear he will discover my wife’s porn collection.

It’s just that my wife didn’t want him growing up stuck to the PC.

  • Square eyes from too much TV – ok.
  • Broken limbs from falling out of trees – every kid should do it.
  • Farm gold for Daddy – no way!


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