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Groovy Gnew Gnomeaggedon

Nothing has changed here at the Home of the Gnome.

If you are viewing this via a blog-standard web browser you wont notice anything different.

However, if you are, like me, the proud owner of an iPhone or similar web enabled phone, gnomeaggeon.net will have a brand new look! (more…)

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Three things that made my Day

It’s a rare day that more than more than one awesome thing happens, even rarer when there are three!

So I am going to share with you the 3 awesome things that made my (yester)day.


empowered fire

It’s a rare day you discover a new Mage blog, Fire Mage blog, or Gnome (and Human) blog and while it isn’t so rare to find a blog written by women, how rare is it to find a blog written by a Female Gnome Fire Mage  and her Female Human Fire Mage friend?

(I have rolled characters on both of their servers in the past too… one of which was my 1st Mage… the one that convinced me I wanted to play a Mage, just not of the Human variety… small world hunh!)

On top of that they are empowered! (more…)

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