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awake at last

He woke suddenly from a deep, maybe unnatural slumber. He knew this place, it was the portal room in Dalaran.

asleep at the portal

A quick two fingered gesture and his mind was refreshed, his mental powers enhanced. Another simple gesture and his renewed Molten Armour flared, roasting the spiders and shriveling the cobwebs that had gathered on his body.

The last thing he remembered was porting to Dalaran as he had done hundreds of times before (more…)

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battle of the healers 02

There are two ends to a battleground, oh what’s that Gnomeaggedon…

There are four… Maybe more, but I only have 4 fingers to count on.

Ok, let me rephrase that, there are two ends to a battleground scoreboard.

Hands up if you have NEVER reviewed the scoreboard that the end of a Battleground (or even during the battle).

No, not many.  I thought as much… (more…)

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