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The Horde are in our base eating our babies


Galv, GalvGalv!

AV hasn’t been going in my favor. More losses than wins. There was one win where a small but determined defense managed to slaughter the Horde over and over again on our bridge, but that rarely goes well.

The problem is Galv… Or Galv and the 1/2 dozen Horde assisting him.

Well that’s a part of the problem, the other problem is the 35 lemmings I’m playing with (more…)

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Healing makes me a meanie!

I totally stole the title of this post from a comment by Rhii… Thank you Rhii

She said some things in that post that made me realize that it’s the healers of a party that are really bad arse.

Taking a bullet… or not!

Gnomeaggedon, as a dress wearing wet paper bag of a squishy DPS, would take a bullet for anyone in the party.

  • Mob heading at the healer, here snack on me 1st.
  • Too many on the tank… Never fear, Gnomer is here to kite them at least 20 yards before chewing dirt.

Likewise you see Tanks charging left, intercepting right, taking the hits that would split a normal hero in half. The tanks job is to take the bullets as many bullets as possible.

Healers… (more…)

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