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We Want You! Healers in Battlegrounds

npc are you scared

Coming from the perspective of a 3 foot squishy Mage, Gnomeaggedon could never understand why anyone would want to heal in Battlegrounds.

insane squidly

They are scary places where often the cloth wearer is the 1st to die. If you have any interest in PvP you would have read or heard that the Healer should always be the priority #1 target (more…)

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LFG fail

Cross server LFG is on it’s way to us, soon if I remember right, and Presby comment from the other day got me wondering.

As things stand at the moment:

Instances and summoning stones

Right now our LFG PuG options are limited to our own realm. You can enter LFG from anywhere in the world for instances that are considered level appropriate (one of my bugbears, but I’ll let it go for now).

Once you group is formed you all head to the instance, well at least two of you do, and use the summoning stone located nearby (more…)

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