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I got asked a doozy of a question by Lytha about Resto Shaman PvP specs.

It’s a doozy because I don’t have a simple answer right now, but since when has ignorance ever stopped me posting a “guide”?

Maybe if Jagerbombz was still writing Shaman stuff he could fill us in.  Maybe one of the other Resto bloggers out there will know.  Maybe the answer is in your head.

I sort of figure that there is a bucket load of knowledge out there amongst the 12 million (12,000,000 seems bigger doesn’t it?) WoW players and someone will have a definitive answer.

Meanwhile I am always open to speculation, shooting my damn fool mouth off and near enough is good enough (the kind of thinking that has made our once great nation Australia).

The way I see it there are two different styles of BGs, which could (ie: don’t need to, but could) support two different spec styles. (more…)

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  • WoW disconnects
  • Lagaran
  • Freeze frame boss fights

Sound familiar?

  • Uninstall Lagonite!
  • Ignore Lagonite users!

Only a few days ago I was musing that WoW disconnects had gotten smarter. There is no real evidence of this, but a couple of things that the comments highlighted were:

  1. Since 3.2.2 disconnects have become more frequent, and
  2. Thanks to Lethal’s link there are many ways to improve your play experience, including shafting mods with large messaging requirements.

Driving solution to disconnects

My disconnecting stopped once I did a manual update of my net and video drivers (via windows update and vendor website), so that’s a great 1st place to start (more…)

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