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northrend bound


Very little, but well.

  • Hellfire Peninsula (explored 8/18, quests: 19/80)
  • Zangarmarsh (explored 16/18, quests: 22/54)
  • Terrokar Forest (explored 9/21, quests: 14/63)

and that’s it!

It’s not like I was comprehensive in my exploration or questing either.

No question I am lacking the goods:

  • Gear (Average iLevel: 85.91)
  • Skinning 333 / 375
  • Cooking 100?
  • Fishing: 150?
  • Herbalism 219 / 300
  • Experience (Apparently I have done 43 instances vs 127 battlegrounds)

Now I am going to be stretched through Azeroth, Outland and Northrend while I bring everything up to speed

Stopping at 1%


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What if: Single Character Slot

I’m not an altaholic.

I have one main (Gnomeaggedon) and a few other toons on the side, most of which are gathering virtual cobwebs.

Admittedly Squidly is a little different and he may grow to challenge Gnomer for my time and affection.

Beyond that I have a bank alt and a maybe-one-day Lock twink. Going moldy on a couple of other servers are my old mains.

Geez I ramble don’t I?

There can only be one!

Anyway, what if WoW was like some other games where you could only have one character (more…)

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