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Stealth Unpatched BGs

Be careful what you wish for,
You may not get what you want

Only a week or so ago, when patch 3.2.2 landed with a thud, it brought a few changes to the battlegrounds.

One of those changes I was uncertain about.

BG patch notes - qty

On the positive side I would always be entering numerically equal battlegrounds.

On the negative side, the price I would pay is having to wait longer for the BG queue to pop (more…)

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I’m your party healer.

I’m the one at the back of the room that needs to be close enough to the front of the room to keep the tank alive (and the DPS on occasions)

I have needs that aren’t being met.

I need mana occasionally, although admittedly you are generally conscious of this.

What you aren’t conscious of is my need for 3 other things.

I need loot.

I see you riffling the corpses while I quickly mana up. I see the items you grab and I share in the silver (more…)

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