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Smarter WoW Disconnects?

Login Screen

I’ve been disconnecting from WoW a lot lately.

I’m not sure why, everything else is fine, it’s just WoW. Doesn’t appear to be a latency thing, just one minute I am running along, next I am hearing the roar of the starting screen dragon.

Apparently PewPew has been disconnecting too, just not as nicely as me. Not just him but a large proportion of the WoW population.

Mind you disconnects are nothing new to me, I have a long history of DCs. Most of the time it isn’t at an important moment. Even when I am questing and grinding and DC I generally come back to find a corpse at my feet, not my corpse at someone else’s feet. The only reason it’s a concern now is I am the healer, not the disposable DPS, if I DC during a boss fight (and I have), then it may spell disaster (once it did, another time I reconnected in the nick of time).

Something different

So my long history of DCs has made me notice something different lately (more…)

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squidly at Ramps

On Friday night I romped through a couple of instances with my usual PuG tank.

Yo Viking!

He even trekked back from Northrend to help me out… See, puggers will cross the seas and stars to help each other out.

Then it was back to BGs and quests until I got an invite to Blood Furnace. The original DK tank had to go before the run started so another one was recruited.

The Reluctant Tank

Well it was a DPS DK, as a reluctant tank. Don’t get me wrong, he was happy to tank, he just wasn’t sure if he could pull it off (more…)

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