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Awesome AV is Awesome

I dare say you already know my opinion on the Alterac Valley battleground.  Just in case you don’t…


OK, sometimes I hate it, generally when we lose, but generally I love it, win or lose.

Last night, wife gone out partying, Odin tucked in bed, Daddy…

Daddy was having an orgy of AV healing ecstasy!

Alliance 3, Horde 1, or was that Horde 3, Alliance 0

  • Some say a fast game is a good game.
  • Others suggest a close game is a good game
  • Others of course think that the only game worth playing is a ROLFSTOMPYOUMFTOOLSINTOTHEGROUND game.

Last night my tally of Alterac Valley games went (more…)

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Solo WoW One Day?

Do you think Blizzard will ever take the MMO out of WoW, leaving just the RPG?

The end game focus seems to be shifting for many people. Sure there are lots of folk out there beating their thick virtual heads against the virtual boss brick wall, but the explore, quest and lore mentalities have become more prevalent on many blogs lately and I am going to assume that this is a sentiment felt wider than the blogging community.

The end of the WoW as we know it

Over the year plus I have been blogging the concept of WoW being replaced or the servers being closed down has come up reasonably frequently. (more…)

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