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200,000 people approve of this post

Well, they approve of the previous 552 posts anyway…


Yep, 200,000 views… nice one folks… keep on reading…

Australian Made Mage

Ohh speaking of silly numbers… (more…)

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Bacon and Eggs

I’m spell stealing Jong’s bacon and donuts.

If you haven’t got kids you probably don’t appreciate the joy of convincing them that the joys in life aren’t yucky.

Take bacon and eggs for eggample.

Odin loves eggs, but only a certain way.

Odin eggs 01

He has to crack the egg, add a little milk, salt and pepper, then whisk it… Not too much, just so the yolk isn’t in one piece.

Yolks… Generally kids don’t like yolks, unless they are mixed in.

Odin is no exception

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It’s Simple Mathematics

  • 1+1=3:Synergy
  • 0 AB bases vs. 5 = lost AB
  • 15 attackers vs. 15 defenders = routed attack
  • 15 defenders at 1 base = 4 unguarded bases.

Don’t get routed, steal flags!

I was in an AB the other night, actually I was in several.

Two of them stood out.

Alliance meet Brick Wall

In one match the Horde held all 5 bases and the Alliance threw themselves against the pack of Horde time and again to the same result. (more…)

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Somebody, Somewhere, Said Something about me…..  Scarlet Torturers and of course, character portraits…

Yes, yes there was a minor detail about it being a video… but…

If you scroll up and down the page real fast, it will kind of be like a video, the worst video you have ever seen mind you… but… whatever…

Gnomeaggedon has been patrolling the streets of Ironforge, hanging out at the bridge spruking his wares (and you can see all of them hanging out), generally making sure that everyone in Aman’Thul knows that Gnomeaggedon is on a Nekkid protest until he receives the goods in the mail.


Bareback gets a new meaning

He did finally jump on a bird and head to the Monastery. (more…)

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Gank me once…

This is a shout out to my favorite tank, Vikingmetal!

At 74 Squidly realized he was eligible for a new totem, one that did more than just save bag space.

To get it he just had to do some easy peasy dailies in Grizzly hills. They are PvP dailies, in a PvP zone, but hey, I like PvP and these days you are lucky to see someone of your own faction let alone the stinking Horde.

Everything was going to plan, Horde NPCs meeting a swift end, Alliance NPCs being brought back from the brink of full health with a quick bandage. The only sign of PC habitation was another Alliance player at the other side of the camp.

Unholy DK Batman!

Then there was that sound.
There was also that purple stream
Ohhh and of course my body being launched through the air (more…)

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Wubbzy Trains a Farmer

Have I ever mentioned my son Odin?
Have I told you he is 3?

Of course I have, too many times to count.

We have also joked about me training him to farm for me.

That hasn’t happened yet… Yet.

Until recently he hasn’t been allowed to play on the PC.

  • It’s not that I fear that he will break it.
  • It’s not that he would be eating into my play time.
  • It’s not even the fear he will discover my wife’s porn collection.

It’s just that my wife didn’t want him growing up stuck to the PC.

  • Square eyes from too much TV – ok.
  • Broken limbs from falling out of trees – every kid should do it.
  • Farm gold for Daddy – no way!


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Gnome in Gneed of Gassistance

I have a favor to ask you…


Click this link here (then come back, I have some more pleading to do!).

You see I really want some of Sylus’ artwork… So here I am grovelling…

I figure that if the 700 of you that came here yesterday go to his site, 2 things will happen:

  1. He wont be able to ignore the power of the Gnome, and
  2. He will poop himself more that his other important RL project… Lily (more…)

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