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WSG 2/0 … What?!?

Things you don’t want to hear when you are 2/0 in WSG

Daddy, I need to do a poo!

I had waited 1.45 hours past the announced up time for our realm.

Extended maintenance was announced for a pile of realms, but nothing mentioned about the Oceanic realms – none of which were available – the Oceanic tab wasn’t even visible.

The most commonly asked question in the downtime forum

When are the Oceanic servers coming up?

Not a peep from Blizzard… Bad form Blizzard!


Finally the server comes up and I sign up for the daily BG – WSG (more…)

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15 npc heres to the allianec

Madness I tell you, MADNESS!

12 Not in My House

Squidly is power-leveling.

0.6 Not so fast

  • Not using questing guides.
  • Not chain running instances.
  • Not rounding up the mobs and AoEing them down.

0.7 WSG Perfection

No I am power leveling through PvP!

20% of a level for one AV!

Hell yeah!

10 everything counts

Throw in a daily BG quest, the AV quests and the AB quest and it is just too easy. (more…)

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