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Azeroth United

Azeroth United

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Do you not just like them, but are a part of them?

Whether you are a voyeur or a creator, there is a new community growing.

Azeroth United


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Arioch asked for it, so here it is…

Moar anger pl0x.

  • You kill things
  • I heal you.
  • I heal you
  • You kill more things
  • We win battleground
  • You leave me to die
  • You get no heals
  • We lose battleground


I have been pure DPS for so long that I hadn’t seen the options screen on a healing mod until a couple of weeks ago.

One of the 1st things that caught my eye was the Blacklist option.

If you want heals you don’t want to be on my black list.

Want to know how to stay off my black list?

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