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Scott No Mates

When I was growing up, the kid by himself in the playground was nicknamed “Scott”.

Because he’S got no mates.

Gnomeggedon’s new nickname is Scott.

I was the straw that broke the Friday night’s group back.

  • TreeHuggerDave had gone.
  • Our recently returned from 12 month hiatus Healadin has let his account lapse.
  • I accepted I wasn’t enjoying Friday nights as the Gnome with moderately big balls of fire.
  • Our Tankadin was experiencing similar feelings
  • And finally the glue in our group, Mr. Z!, that has kept us together through 4.5+ years of questing, grinding, instancing an raiding has decided it’s time to spread his wings too.

So Mates at War(Craft) are no more…


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