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From Healing Way: A Resto Shaman blog of of fine Corinthian leather

From Healing Way: A Resto Shaman blog of fine Corinthian leather

The reason Gnomes will never retake Gnomeregan… (more…)

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A Flying Mount is a Cheat Code

Squidly flying

Getting a flying mount at 60 is like getting a cheat code.

Stretch your mind back before patch 3.2, back to your incursions in Outland.

Hellfire Frogger

If you were lucky if you arrived in Outland with an Epic land mount. If you weren’t so lucky, one of the most efficient ways of crossing a zone was ghost running.

Even with the epic land mount it was preparation for Naxx’s Frogger.

Dodge left, dodge right, outrun the aggro.

Exploring a zone completely at the appropriate level either required anal explorer skill at Artisan rank, or maybe a quest-completionist-dysfunction (more…)

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An Aussie Blogger in the U.S. LFB

An Aussie Blogger in the U.S. Looking For Bed

Hey Folks,

Here’s a bizarre question for you.

TreeHuggerDave is leaving Dallas today, heading onto LA, arriving around 80.30 pm on 29th, staying until the 4th of October…

Long story short, his accommodation in Dallas fell through and he is unexpectedly heading to LA early.

So if you have a spare bed, or even a couch and are prepared to welcome an Aussie blogger and WoW player into your home for a few days, drop me a line via the ContactGnome page (link at the top) and I will pass on your info.

Gnomer and Out!

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Mages piss me off!

Yep, strong words coming from a Mage.

Gnomeaggedon got an in-game mail from his Shaman mate Squidly.

mail from Squidly to Gnomeaggedon

Hey Gnome, what is it with Mages? (more…)

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A Shaman without Totems is a…

  • Poe man’s Rogue?
  • Underpowered Mage?
  • Half-baked Priest?

squidly and dark portal

Squidly entered the Dark Portal for real last night.

At level 58 he was eligible for the quests and signed himself up for Ramps should a group eventuate.

The Old World is for Mugs

welcome to honor hold

The questing was as easy as I remember. Being one of only a few in the zone means the respawns aren’t immediate, so you can cherry pick your mobs (more…)

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Hello Outland, pleased to beat you

Level 58 with a bullet, or is that totem. I’m officially acknowledged in Outland by the quest givers and they have lots for me to do.

Before I begin I would just like to thank a few of my supporters:

Level 58 with 360 XP to spare… Heirloom items FTW!

What’s with the D?

Normally it’s AV where people are cursing D for being too strong, but my WSG to bring in level 58 left me scratching my head (more…)

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Cranky Old Gnome

I can be a bit of a cranky old Gnome at times,  as much as Larisa likes to tell me I have a rosy disposition.

But there’s one thing I know I love…


I love Larisa, Krizzlybear, Nibuca just to name a few

I love to toot the Gnomes horn, make sure that the message gets across that we are a much bigger force to be reckoned with than our 3 foot stature might suggest. (more…)

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