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Mum’s on the way out…

… so things might be quiet around here for a little bit, though this is a very supportive community so don’t be surprised if I keep regular contact!

Gnomer and Out!

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need help

You know how I’ve started the last couple of Gnome Weekend posts with something along the lines of:

It didn’t start well and I had the overwhelming feeling it wasn’t going to be a good night…

Then follow up a couple of paragraphs later with:

… then it all came together and it was a great night

Well this isn’t one of those posts.

The night started feeling average, and nothing stopped the slippery slide into the nightmare.

If we were a guild you would call it a guild breaker… we aren’t a guild, but it was still a group breaker

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Family Game Playing

This is neither a WoW post, nor a positive post about the family getting together for a round or two of scrabble or monopoly or snap.

No, this is an outpouring of exasperation at those psychological/sociological games that families play.

So I won’t be offended if you tune out now and come back tomorrow in the hope of a more positive WoW oriented post (more…)

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DING level 3!

I’m leveling an Alt right now and reliving the joy of a ding.

It’s been a while since I have celebrated dings, apart from major dings.

71-79… Who cares! 80, about time!

With the Alt I have enjoyed them all. Each one has been a monumental upgrade in skills and powers.

I reached level 12 over the weekend and was so excited, that I dropped what I was doing to hearth back for new skills.

The other thing that happened over the weekend was that my Son, Odin dinged 3!

Do I need to tell you which ding deserves the biggest celbration?


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Back when I started playing WoW getting the gold for your still training let alone your normal mount and let’s not even talk about your epic mount was something that sent shivers down peoples spines.

It was very common to get a loan from a slightly more affluent buddy and many guild banks were intended to help finance these big purchases.

Auctioneering wasn’t that common, it was some sort of arcane art. The gold limit was unknown, people just didn’t have enough gold to find out what arbitrary figure Blizzard had chosen.

These days (legal) gold making strategy sites are a dime a dozen and many such as Greedy Goblin have a huge following.


Gevlon hit the gold limit a long time ago and now uses his bottomless purse to buy his raid spot and fund his guilds needs.

Many people, Gevlon and myself included, have discussed the concept of “good enough” gear. That point where the gear is good enough, with the appropriate amount of skill (which doesn’t have to be that high) to perform well enough in any situation.

The same is the case with gold, yet it seems to have become the latest min/max grind (more…)

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How time (un)friendly is WoW?

Ever read or heard:

  • I jump on for 15 minutes a day and do my Auction House business
  • I jump on for 1/2 an hour and do all my dailies
  • I jump on for 20 minutes for a quick WSG
  • I jump on for 1/2 and hour and knock out a quick VH, CoT, VoA etc

Do you?

Do you believe others when they say they do?

WoW is a game that caters for both casuals and hardcore, but generally that definition reflects how many nights/days per week one raids, or plays at least.

For some of us the moniker of casual also refers to the size of the blocks of playable time. For instance, I am more likely to have 2 or 3 blocks of 1/2 hour per week than 1 block of 1.5 hours. This can make things difficult in WoW, because as much as people like to tell you they can beat the game 1/2 hour at a time, I just don’t seem to find the same magic.

What I find in reality is there are only a few games where one can truly play in short sharp blocks, and even then time can get away.

For instance my wife is a hardcore solitaire player. Pretty much the only game she plays is solitaire, good old stock standard Windows solitaire (more…)

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Yep, even this Gnome cops the healer’s bane occasionally.

This was heard during our Friday run.

I felt guilty for a second or two, then I realized I was decursing as fast as I could.

As I piped up in Vent assuring the decurses were being dished out, another voice, that of Mr. Gloom called out that he too was decursing as fast as possible.

Needless to say, my long past healing memories snapped into gear and Mr. Decurz Plz dropped to the bottom of my decursing priority list (more…)

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prison guards leaving

WoW, what a weekend!

In many ways it was just another weekend, but in others it was awesome. What’s more it’s ended with a dilemma… and we all like a dilemma don’t we?

Where to begin… Maybe the beginning…

8 man OS+1

Ok, that didn’t happen, but we did try! …and try again, and again. We were close, but there was no Cuban cigar.

But, I get ahead of myself… Last time we hit OS, it was with similar intentions, but we were filled out to a 10 man with a couple of PuGs. We took down 2 drakes then failed a few times at the boss. The PuGs then exploded, told us what they thought of us and dropped group.

Of course we went on to finish the boss off after taking his mate down separately.

So this Friday, as we downed the 2nd drake down in preparation for our Boss+1 kill, we got a little unexpected joy (more…)

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Skill Priority mods

My most loyal reader writes in to ask a question:

oh scorchy green-haired one:

I was listening to The Instance podcast last week, and they mentioned an addon that sounded great to me: Watcher. It’s supposed to help you play your class more effectively, and of course, I want to do so. the only problem? This addon has no mage love. I guess there are other addons out there for other caster classes (they mentioned facemelter & others), but I have yet to find one for mages.

Do you know of one that works like this?

The Scorchy Green-haired one responds:

I heard about that on The Instance as well and was a little curious, not curious enough to follow it up until you wrote in mind you, but curious none-the-less.

So I had a look… Looks like an awesome mod, but I don’t think it’s for us (more…)

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The Origins of Forum Trolls

  • If you have ever gone anywhere near the official WoW forums, you will have encountered them.
  • If you have read blogs, you may have encountered them.
  • If you have read just about anything on the Internet, you have most likely seen them.

Forum Trolls

They are nothing new. They existed long before WoW and they will continue to exist long after WoW CDs are gathering dust in the back of your cupboard.

Euripides was a forum Troll that evolved to provide a channel for Trolls to flock to.

But back before Euripides read his first forum, maybe before he was born, before online forums themselves were born, there was a bunch of Poms that defined the art of Forum Trolling (more…)

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