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Today’s contributions to my Blogday are all presents describing the influence, or Gnomefluence I have had on my readers.  My original request was:


No not Effluence!

OK, that’s two easy ones out of the way, an increase in difficulty now.

How have I influenced your WoW (or hell, Real) life?

Nothing too personal thanks, and nothing too long.. 30-ish words or less, what has Gnomeaggedon done for you in the last 12 months?

Jong tells me that I have “single-handedly changed my perception about male gnomes”, in a good way I think…

What about you?

Larisa says:

You have given me countless giggles and helped me keep up my blogging spirit for a year.  And you’re also a natural spokesman for the gnomish mage community. You may be small in size but great in effort and effect (more…)

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Achievement number gnome v. Achievement number

One of many envies, but one I have felt recently and, as is often the case with envy, for no good reason.

Achievement Envy

My recent envy attack was based on Larisa’s comment. Yes I am envious of Larisa, in more ways than one. But, this is about achievements, in the1st instance, so let’s start there.

I am an achievement addict, and I need help.

If I am honest with myself, when I read/hear about someone else picking up an achievement, I shrivel a little inside (more…)

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