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I wanted to know who you are and see you in game.

Thus I asked for you to grab a screenshot along the lines of:

  • Shows you in game doing something you love.
  • Shows you in game giving me a shout out.
  • Shows you in game NEXT TO ME on Aman’Thul.
  • Shows you in game next to a Gnomeaggedon impersonator
  • You don’t have to be a Mage or a Gnome, but bonus points for Mage &/Gnome

The ” if you are looking for lurv from another one of me readers… Your phone number (not recommended, but hey, your life, your choice)” bit was ignored… so I assume that means you are happy.. or not wanting a ton of emails and phone calls from complete strangers whose only connection with you is seeing a screenshot here… can’t blameyou really.

I will leave the screenshots to do the talking… (more…)

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