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Midsummer Festival /fail

Geeez… I seem to have a bit of a Fail theme going on at the moment.

Anyway, the good news is that Blizzard fixed all those problems you folk have been experiencing if you did the Midsummer Festival activities last year…

With the added bonus that the bon fires have been reset, and you can do them again!

From Spooncraft:

Hey congratulations folks who did the Midsummer stuff last year and have felt screwed this year. Blizzard has applied a little fix on the servers that reset the quests so players regain access to all those blossoms. You need something like 400 of them to purchase all the gear required for the hot pole dance meta.

We are in the process of applying an in-game fix that will restart all of the quests associated with the Midsummer Fire Festival event and allow players to complete them once again. If you are in the process of completing an achievement such as Extinguishing Kalimdor, this fix will reset your progress and you will need start over. This fix will require realms to be restarted.

So where’s the fail in that? (more…)

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Blogday memory /fail

Just for the record my 1st Blogday is on the 26th 23rd 26th 23rd 26th ok, it really is the 23rd, or I should say, was because yesterday was the 23rd.

Now in my defense:

  • I thought I wrote 3 posts before I made the blog public, but no. /memoryfail
  • My wife will tell you I would forget my own name if it wasn’t tattooed on my forehead (in mirror so I get reminded every morning… Which I forgot to do). On the rare occasion I do remember something correctly and she doesn’t, we don’t go with my memory because there is less chance of me being right than the RNG giving a Artifact in a world drop. /memoryfail
  • I don’t even remember my own birthday.  Every birthday party is a surprise party, even when I organize it myself (assuming I remember to do that… which I don’t) /memoryfail
  • I checked my stats page and it said June 26. That of course was the number of visits I had in my 1st 7 days. /comprehensionfail

The Dilemma

So now I am faced with a dilemma.
Do I:

  • Stick with my original posting schedule, which sort of starts on Friday (but with no opening of gifts until Monday), or
  • Post the raw responses without any contribution of my own, or
  • Leak some starting from today?

The sensible option is 1). Screw you and take my time. Option 2) may work for some of the contributions, but definitely not all, and I am awaiting one late arrival. Option 3) is totally out of the question, except that, umm, I am only a squishy Mage, and a short one at that, and when you get pm’d by the most awesome fear inspiring Retadin in the whole of the World of Warcraft, well something has to give (apart from my bowels) (more…)

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