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So the bastard sons and daughters will be acknowledged by their father in patch 3.2.

Now of course for many years now many players have considered twinkers bastards, especially when they enter battlegrounds with their stock standard toons for a bit of fun to break up the leveling grind.

I had a quick look through the patch notes this morning and noted that coming in patch 3.2 is the ability to stop earning XP.

This is awesome news on a whole lot of different levels, so let’s cover some of them (more…)

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I may be vain, but I think I rock!

Especially when I’m the last Gnome standing…

To be honest, it’s not the way I normally think of myself. I tend to focus more on the things I do wrong, rather than remembering the things I get right.

But I had one of those nights the other night that highlighted the things I got right, the biggest of them being staying alive… Most of the time… (more…)

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