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Fishing Sucks!

Don’t tell Zupa, but I think fishing sucks.

It sucks in real life!

It sucks in WoW!

It probably doesn’t help that I a neither a good fisherman in real life or WoW.

Likewise, I tend to run about like, well like a little hyperactive Gnome, in real life and WoW.

The one fish I remember catching in Real Life was from the once majestic (before white settlement) Murray River.. it was a carp.

I was so excited… my Dad and Uncles laughed while they killed it and threw the vermin back into the river to feed the native species.

Gone Fishing!

I had a little WoW time on Wednesday night, so I thought that I would try out the fishing dailies everyone is talking about (while I waited for something, anything, better to happen).  Turns out any Gnome and their dog can do them, so why not (more…)

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So while I was spitting and cursing yesterday morning about the scraping episode, I had a quick look at Twitter, and what do I see…

WoW_J: I just heard ‘run for your lives it’s gnomeaggedon’ on tv ?!

WoW_J, from World of Warcraft Junction (more…)

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