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OK Folks,

Time for a few important reminders.

Me 1st

Blogday gifts

I have a couple, and I know you want to send me more.

There is only a couple of weeks left, so :

  • Send me at least 1, if not all 5 gifts:
    – Up to 20 questions
    – GnomeShots
    – Gnomefluence
    – Gnome weekend that was
    – Mages/Gnomes suck/are the best because…
  • Send your content to me before June 19th
  • Send it to gnomeaggedon At gmail DOT com (because that’s the easiest way to send me all 5!)
  • Email Subject should be Gnomers Gifts
  • If you want to actually catch up with me on Aman’thul, drop me a line before hand so I know that you might be looking for me between 7.30-8.30pm or 2-3am on a Friday night/Saturday morning AEST time (server time (more…)

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I have noticed a common thread amongst my cud chewing Tauren, spliff blowing Troll, zug zugging Orc, bone rattling forsaken and magic fume sniffing Blood Elf blogging colleagues.

The dislike Gnomes!?

  • They have grudging respect for Dwarves and their beer swilling antics.
  • They lurv the Draenei chicks and their tentacles (especially in plate)
  • They envy The Human relationship skills, and the reputation that it brings.
  • They hate the Night Elves, but then, who doesn’t?

But Gnomes…

It seems to oscillate between complete hatred to complete ambivalence (more…)

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