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A small confession


I (the author) of this blog, am not really a Gnome (more…)

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Mr Offspec & I

My Mr offspec post from yesterday was intended as a tongue-in-cheek poke at an old mate of mine (who carried the “Mr Offspec” tag in his guild note for quite a while), primarily for those mates that I know read this blog, but also for general entertainment.

Arioch has probably captured my thoughts perfectly, but as my wife will tell you…

I can’t tell a story in a couple of words, when I could write a book about it instead.

About Us
Now to be fair, we do in fact have a system to handle main spec rolls and off spec rolls, through to DE’ing and distribution processes… so generally, there wouldn’t (shouldn’t) be an issue with a Mr Offspec situation.

We are a close knit group of 7 mates that play on a Friday night, while we all want a bit of loot, it is extremely common for any one of us to pass on an item to ensure that the group as a whole is better equipped, thus a) more capable of downing any boss/encounter and b) the loss of any one member of the party will not be so detrimental as to automatically equal a wipe (4 horseman on Friday is a good example, where even though the 2 top DPS went down early, while 9 manning the encounter, we still managed to pull through).

Our Goal

Our current goal is to gear up the group (more…)

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Gnomish Taxi Cab Co.

I have a dream…

I can sit online for hours per day just chatting to mates and making money.

Ok, so I have two dreams.

Sitting online hours per day, chatting to mates and making money, and…

Becoming the CGO (Chief Gnomish Officer) of my own transport company.

I would call it.. (more…)

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