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Blogday gifts

Soon, in only about a month, Armaggedon’s Coming is going to have it’s 1st blogday.

365 calendar days, most of which had posts and I am guessing about 440 posts.

As much as I have enjoyed writing all that “stuff”, I think the time has come for me to sit back and crack open the gifts for a week.

gift gift gift gift gift gift

Gifts, there will be gifts?

Yeah, of course… But for ME, not you!

(well unless some insanely generous person out there wants to donate something, but then to be fair, I would need at least 5 gifts, one per day/topic… If, and only if, such a miracle happens, then I will let you know, but that isn’t the point of this is it… No, whole point is you giving to me… Me…. ME!)

OK, so what do I want for my Blogday?

I intend to create 5 posts based on your content. A little bit from each of you, so no one person is too stressed out.

Who do I want to send me gifts?
Everyone… Particularly non-bloggers (more…)

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