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Saturday Night’s alright to Party: but leave the Death Knights at Home!

The weekend that was… pretty good when all is said an done.

Friday night was Naxx10 night, but it took a while to get the group together.

All 7 of us mates where ready and waiting, but some nights it’s so hard to find just one more.

Unfortunately the “one more” we got was a Mage…. (Actually fortunately, he wasn’t that well geared, but knew his job, and his main dropped in to help us with Gluth) (more…)

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Blizzcon Exterior

Geez, I’m a lucky guy to bring to your attention Not 1, Not 2, but 3 awesome competitions that are running right now.

Normally I am just pimping Mage blogs, but this time round there is something in it for you beyond awesome reading.

Yep, we are talking awesome prizes!

I figure this is a good place to pimp these competitions, after all you will need to do something magical to win, and if there is one thing Mages are full of (apart from Tauren droppings), it’s magic!

I feel particularly good about this after you folk gave so much to Brigwyn’s child’s play charity auction. *

Competition #1


  • Did you get your Blizzcon ticket… No?
  • Didn’t bother because you couldn’t afford accommodation or airfares?

Well here’s the competition for you! (more…)

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