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Last Hours!!!

Children’s week starts today, so to be sure to bag your own Epic Loot without relying on RNGs or dealing with in-game screaming children, head on over to The Hunting Lodge and check out the Phat LOOT, place your bid on some of the items up for offer.

Let’s face it, the Childrens week title will leave you feeling very empty, if you haven’t also gained the achievement of kindhearted!

Gnomer and Out!

Come on folks.. you know that the $25 code is worth more than $35.99 when it’s for charity… not to mention the fact that you have the choice of making a Gnomeaggedon T-Shirt… I want to see $50 on that!  Remember it’s free shipping… don’t stop now! Go Bid Now!

If you are looking for a guide for the WoW in game event, then you might as well start with WoWWiki

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OK, so I was just ScrewingthePie from ForTheHorde! & Grab Your Sword, And Fight the Horde!, in a response to his comment, but now I have done it, I have to wonder…

Is this the time for a new blog header image?

Gnomer and Out! (more…)

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Positively Wonderful

This is one of those nasty chain letters that started over at Rick’s place with Positively Wonderful headed over to Larisa’s place with Positively Wonderful and will probably come to a screaming halt right here unless one of my runner up’s takes up the challenge, or my Positively Wonderful blogger changes her tune and returns to the blogsphere.


Link one blog that has had a positive influence on your life, blogging or game. Write what the positive effect was and hope it gets passed on.

The lovely Larisa had these awesome things to say about me

But expected or not, this needs to be said: Gnomeaggedon, you are by far the most persistent, loving, cheerful and caring supporter I have in the Blogosphere. From the first day you made your blog you gave the PPI a special “recommended link” spot. You constantly link to me whenever you can. In September you even wrote a special tribute post, highlighting some of my older posts, just to make sure that new readers didn’t miss them. You silly old gnome! I don’t really know what strange spell you’re under, but to be honest, if it wasn’t for all the love you’ve gave me during the passed year, I’m not sure I’d still be blogging.

And apart from that you’re running a wonderful blog of your own. You show me and everyone else that it’s perfectly doable to have tons of fun in the game even if real life and time restrictions prevent you from raiding. It’s all up us how we choose to see the game – as a boring grind or as a wonderful, sparkling adventure. You manage to find the adventure and a humoristic perspective in places where no one else bothered to look. Your blog sparkles more than any quest item in Azeroth.

You are Positively Wonderful!

I wish more people would say this to me… I really do, but I don’t know if I am deserving of it… still I was always told not to rebuff a compliment, so I am going to take it and add it to my list of blogging achievements (more…)

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