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We failed to clear the Arachnid Quarter in the required 20 minutes last week, but only by a bee’s private part (or maybe that’s a spider’s private part under the circumstances).

It was close, and maybe if we had been just a little bit more settled, or maybe all of us on Vent, we would have done it.

What really struck me though, was the way that knowing there was a timer and an achievement at the end of that same timer, really gelled the raid into fast action (more…)

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Nothing, nada, not a single brass razzoo, just a small crappy pile of dust.

I think it’s time to hit the AH and buy a whole bunch of worthless junk in the hope that the RNG smiles on me twice per boss, once on the drop and once on the roll.

But before I get into that, let me bring you up to speed on by week.

As you know I had been contemplating chucking it in, but I got news through the week that a couple of mates might be rejoining us. Admittedly one won’t be clear of his other obligations for a couple of months, but there is light at the end of his tunnel (more…)

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GnomeGoggles: Learning Aid

One Noobaggedon problem solved, knowing what new skills you just learned at the trainer.

Another Noobaggedon event caused. I will never need this with my one and only toon… Right?

Problem Solved.

My noob complaint was that when you learn new skills (generally because you have just hit a new level with new skills and talent points), visit the trainer and madly select and learn all those new skills…

You have nice flashing tabs on your spell book, but as soon as you open the tab, the flashing stops and their is no indication of what amongst the myriad of skills is new.

Enter Learning Aid. (more…)

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Blogday gifts

Soon, in only about a month, Armaggedon’s Coming is going to have it’s 1st blogday.

365 calendar days, most of which had posts and I am guessing about 440 posts.

As much as I have enjoyed writing all that “stuff”, I think the time has come for me to sit back and crack open the gifts for a week.

gift gift gift gift gift gift

Gifts, there will be gifts?

Yeah, of course… But for ME, not you!

(well unless some insanely generous person out there wants to donate something, but then to be fair, I would need at least 5 gifts, one per day/topic… If, and only if, such a miracle happens, then I will let you know, but that isn’t the point of this is it… No, whole point is you giving to me… Me…. ME!)

OK, so what do I want for my Blogday?

I intend to create 5 posts based on your content. A little bit from each of you, so no one person is too stressed out.

Who do I want to send me gifts?
Everyone… Particularly non-bloggers (more…)

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What’s your Mage bad at?

Ok so we discussed your personal best skill yesterday (yours rather than your classes defining skill).

Today we look at your worst.

Once again, we aren’t talking about worst skill per se (someone say wand specialization?), rather your application of a skill or technique that leaves you in tears and your mates rofl.

Gnomeaggedon is bad at something?

Amplify Magic Icon Dampen Magic Icon

Well, I could write an essay or two on how bad I am at kiting or AoE grinding (I wouldn’t touch this anyway, not after Zupa’s response yesterday), but really I wouldn’t be telling you anything you didn’t already know, so let’s think about something else…

Probably my most misused spells are Amplify/Dampen Magic.

It’s probably the influence of the quantity of solo time, mixed with the bit of PvP I have done, but 99% of the time you will find me running buffed with Dampen Magic (more…)

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Happy Now?



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What’s your Mage good at?

What’s your defining skill, why and what are your tips?

I don’t necessarily mean your class defining skill, I mean what one skill that is related to your character do you do the best?

Before you give me the ones that you are worst at as well, leave that for another day… Like tomorrow.

What about Gnomer?

So what’s Gnomeaggedon’s “signature” move, why and how have I made it so?

That’s a hard question you know, and I won’t blame you for balking at providing your own answer. It’s much easier to identify your greatest weakness, rather than your greatest strength.

Poly Sheep Icon Poly Pig Icon Poly Turtle Icon Poly Black Cat Icon Poly Serpent Icon bunny


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