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/Cry /Bye Braids

/Cry /Bye Braids

I am very sad right this very minute.

One of my favorite bloggers has just announced that she is packing her bags, kicking out the tenants and folding her blog.

Megan, for a non-Mage blog you were my favorite.

Damn it, and I have a post nearly complete, just for you….

I knew I should have finished and posted it…

Thank you for filling my blog reading day with joy!

All the best with your new ventures!

Gnomer and sadly Out! (more…)

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Last weekend I got to knock over Naxx25 with my guild, which was a great experience.

I started this weekend out knowing that I wasn’t up for anything as grand.  I knew that I wasn’t going to be raiding with my guild for 2 reasons.

  1. I wasn’t going to really be available till late, as I was babysitting.
  2. I really wanted to give my time to my mates instead.

When I logged on I raced over to the Argent Tournament grounds and struggled to do anything… I mean anything.  The quests may seem great to many, but all that lost flying time makes this casual raider a sad boy.  On top of that the jousting isn’t going all that well for me.


I have decided that the whole charging thing is a bit too hard when I am 0.5-1 second behind the AI, so I am doing it the hard way with shield breakers and hand-to-hand.  If I don’t get it right, the NPC opponent just laughs at me because I am taking too long. (more…)

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