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My mates joined a guild to raid. When they did so, they clearly stated in their application that they couldn’t raid Friday nights, as this night was already taken to play with other mates (like me). However, they would offer up any spare places in our 10 man raids to their guildies that were at a loose end.

Turns out two of my mates are 2/3 of the best dps in the guild and knowing my mates, the rest of them would be in the top of their fields.

This is sort of beside the point though.

The problem they are facing has been accentuated over the last 2 weeks with me doing 25 man Naxx.

You see, their guild doesn’t have enough to field a 25 man group, and they refuse to pug the extra numbers.

They can field about 16 on any given night, so too many for a 10 man, yet too few for a 25.

They won’t pug the extra 9 for one reason. (more…)

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Ages and ages ago, I made a post about my search for a Mage gear spreadsheet.

It has proven to be one of my most read posts, while also being one of my least commented posts.

I guess people are just using it for the links to the tools that I dismissed.

Anyway, now I am 80 the time has come for comparisons once again, so I have started looking about for tools again. (more…)

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