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The end of WoWMatrix as we know it?

Kadomi from Tank Like a Girl brought this to my attention on Twitter this morning.

Curse and WoWInterface working together to help protect our authors and other site-users

Basically WoWAce and Curse have taken action against WoWMatrix after repeated requests for WoWMatrix to change their model of operations.

It will be interesting to see whether WoWMatrix change their playstyle… or not.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t yet, time to get yourself the Curse Client or the WoWInterface Manager!

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I was wondering this morning, if you had a friend that decided to play WoW for the first time, what class and race would you recommend they roll.

My first character

My very first character was a warrior. I was at a LAN and a friend handed over their PC and suggested I try WoW.

Experience in most games had shown best 1st character is a warrior mainly for better survivability. Once you have won the game you reroll increasingly challenging characters usually ending in a Mage class.

I played that warrior for an hour or so, then gifted with a copy of the game (friends FTW!), I promptly rolled a Tauren Hunter, because the Warrior bored me.

What would you recommend?

So assuming your friend, partner, relative is going to be playing primarily on their own, no RaF etc.

  • What class would you suggest they roll and why?
  • Would you also recommend a race and this starting zone (for viewing pleasure or convenience)?

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