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Flying the old cities

Continuing on my discussion of mounts and the old world, I have realized that there is something recently experienced that I am missing in the Old World.

While we e could fly about Outlands, but (with a couple of exceptions) you weren’t flying around old world style cities. The were Outland Space-Goat cities.

Now I am flying around Northrend I am loving flying in, out, and around the Alliance castles (especially in & out of the castles).

When I was hoofing it through Iron Forge the other day, it just felt empty. I had to think what was missing. Then I realized the skies were empty.

It was all 2 dimensional.

I just wish that the caverns of Iron Forge were filled with flyers, the skies over Stormwind filled with birds, the Maze of Undercity filled with bats.

I know it probably won’t happen, but I hope one day that the streets AND the skies of the old world cities will be filled with the cries of mounts.

Gnomer and Out!

PS: Guess who rolled a Death Knight on Aman’Thul last night?

I actually got to play with him for the first time… and it wasn’t at opposing ends of the battleground (not that we ever did get to do that!).  Mind you, he suffered a similar fate to me when the error prone Lich King raised “him” from the dead.

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