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help-requiredThis is a guide for two groups of people, and you may fit into both groups.

  1. Players from Oceanic, or high latency servers, and
  2. Players that find themselves twitch deficient.

There are plenty of great guides out there on the blogs, much better than this one, but if you are struggling, then maybe this will help.

I will get to the strategy, but first some background rambling.

I have been playing WoW for a fair while, from before the Oceanic servers came into existence.

I play on PvE servers for a very good reason:


Err I mean latency.

Old Skool Latency

Back when I first started, on an US server, PvP and dueling went a little like this (more…)

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Dear Fim & Bre,

It is Fim and Bre right?

Not an Orc in Fim’s clothes or a lock in Hunter’s leathers?

Anyway long time ListeNether, 1st time NetherWriter. Thought I would drop you a line.

Sorry I didn’t port in “Gnome”, but while your recording time is a nice casual midday Saturday down here in the depths of Gnomeregan (otherwise known as Melbourne, Australia) you conflict with my primary raid crew – my family.

Unfortunately Gnome Junior would want to do all the talking, and Mrs Gnomeaggedon would be using her epic mace to destroy her end game raid boss – my PC.

So the best you are going to get from me is a message in a Mage’s Nether bottle.

Blah, blah, blah….

Ever noticed now much Gnomes talk, on and on and on and on and ….

I was thinking today, that when I started blogging about 10 months ago, I did so because there were no Mage blogs out there…

None, absolutely none. (more…)

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/Cry /Bye Braids

/Cry /Bye Braids

I am very sad right this very minute.

One of my favorite bloggers has just announced that she is packing her bags, kicking out the tenants and folding her blog.

Megan, for a non-Mage blog you were my favorite.

Damn it, and I have a post nearly complete, just for you….

I knew I should have finished and posted it…

Thank you for filling my blog reading day with joy!

All the best with your new ventures!

Gnomer and sadly Out! (more…)

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Last weekend I got to knock over Naxx25 with my guild, which was a great experience.

I started this weekend out knowing that I wasn’t up for anything as grand.  I knew that I wasn’t going to be raiding with my guild for 2 reasons.

  1. I wasn’t going to really be available till late, as I was babysitting.
  2. I really wanted to give my time to my mates instead.

When I logged on I raced over to the Argent Tournament grounds and struggled to do anything… I mean anything.  The quests may seem great to many, but all that lost flying time makes this casual raider a sad boy.  On top of that the jousting isn’t going all that well for me.


I have decided that the whole charging thing is a bit too hard when I am 0.5-1 second behind the AI, so I am doing it the hard way with shield breakers and hand-to-hand.  If I don’t get it right, the NPC opponent just laughs at me because I am taking too long. (more…)

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I have made a firm decision.

I am not going to participate in Noblegarden.

I was never in the running for the meta achievement or it’s winged reward, but I used to enjoy a bit of in-game event participation.

Love is in the Air broke my desire though, an I figure I have better use of by playtime and energy.

So I quite happily state:

I will not garden the nobles and I am happy about it.

For all of you chasing eggs… Good luck!

Gnomer and out! (more…)

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WoW for iphone?

I don’t know if this is for real, but if it is I can see the divorce court on the horizon.

Play World Warcraft your iPhone

In all seriousness, I can’t see myself raiding, or instancing, or questing using this.

But I guess I could do all that tradeskill stuff that consumes so much PC time, which basically I don’t have.

But then, my wife would rapidly become suspicious when I head to the toilet for an hour at a time to play…

Anyway check out the video and ponder the future of portable gaming.

Gnomer and Out (more…)

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My mates joined a guild to raid. When they did so, they clearly stated in their application that they couldn’t raid Friday nights, as this night was already taken to play with other mates (like me). However, they would offer up any spare places in our 10 man raids to their guildies that were at a loose end.

Turns out two of my mates are 2/3 of the best dps in the guild and knowing my mates, the rest of them would be in the top of their fields.

This is sort of beside the point though.

The problem they are facing has been accentuated over the last 2 weeks with me doing 25 man Naxx.

You see, their guild doesn’t have enough to field a 25 man group, and they refuse to pug the extra numbers.

They can field about 16 on any given night, so too many for a 10 man, yet too few for a 25.

They won’t pug the extra 9 for one reason. (more…)

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