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BRK will not be BRB?

Gnomeaggedon: What? Hunh? Did you hear the news, BRK has left the building!

Brain: What do you care, you are a Mage writing Mage Blog

Gnomeaggedon: Yeah, but this is BRK!

Brain: /Scoff. You don’t even have a Hunter!

Gnomeaggedon: Yes I do, Snowdabow was my first toon!

Brain: Much loved too. When was the last time you played him?

Gnomeaggedon: Ummm 2 servers and 2 releases ago… (more…)

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Gnomer Gnews #1

Gno Gnews is Gnood Gnews right…?

Well, it is in this case… this is the Gnomeaggedon update that you probably wont care to read.  You know, it’s one of those uninteresting posts about what I have been up to, littered with tons of slow downloading images.

So, all that said, I don’t mind you do you don’t read any further… you are welcome to, but I wont be loosing any sleep.

This Gnews is a bit old… about a two weeks worth… I will have more Gnews later in the week to bore your socks off.

This post is brought to you in a large part automatically by PhotoOp (A Warcraft screenshot Mod)

Two weeks ago…

I went fishing, and caught my 100th Fish.


Spent a couple of days camped out in Orgrimmar looking for Old Crafty.



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WoW as a drinking game

Have you ever played the James Bond drinking game?

Every time Bond utters in a movie:

Bond, James Bond

You have to skoll your drink.

Of course there are many varieties of drinking games, countless card drinking games.

But my question is:
Have you ever treated WoW as a drinking game?


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Well looky here…


Just in case you haven’t caught up with the news, the iPhone Authenticator for Battle.Net accounts is now live, and the App available from Apple iTunes for $0000 right now.

Go get it, and enjoy this screen… Yes! Even in Australia!


Gnomer and Out!


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Honest (S)crap Award

Honest Scrap Award

WoWFail Blog Awards

Larisa…. Larisa… Larisa….

There are two things you can be sure of in this life:

  • If Larisa has to tag someone, I will be on the list.
  • If I have to tag someone, then she will be on my list.

So I have deservedly been nominated for a Blog Award.  Of course, I am a little concerned that it’s associated with WoWFailBlog.  Not because of the Blog itself, which is great (and I have highlighted it previously), but I cringe at the conjunction of the words: Fail & Award. (more…)

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PvP food anyone?

PvP food anyone?

Tired of cooking up mammoths and rhinos? Can’t stand fishing for crawdads, or fishing at all for that matter?

Ever wanted food with PvP buffs that could only be used in PvP?

Ever wanted food where the mats can be ground while PvPing?

I suggest a means of making PKs (player kills) useful, adding a few new cooking recipes (and full buffs) and adding a few more achievements. (more…)

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Noob or Inexperienced?


Can you spot the difference between noob and inexperienced, or maybe uneducated?

I know noobish players get up everyone’s goat, usually after just one glance or experience.

Things like these earn a player the title of noob:

  • Unsockected or incorrectly gemed gear.
  • Turning up at the wrong instance
  • Wearing gear with the wrong stats.
  • Rolling on gear that is more appropriate for another class.
  • Inability to kite
  • Inability to trap
  • Asking “stupid” questions
  • Not using correct rank spells
  • Not being able to find your way back through an instance after a wipe.
  • Selling things for the wrong price on the AH.
  • Not knowing the little red man means you need to repair your gear.

The list goes on and on. I am sure you can think of many more yourself. (more…)

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