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Will FeedBurner Consume My Posts?

feed-options1Just call me paranoid, but as other Bloggers have had issues with FeedBurner Feeds disappearing into the Void, I am taking a bit of preemptive action.

There are now 3 feed options available to you….wp-feed-options

1. Use the standard WordPress Feed. Most of you do, and feel free to continue to do so.

Powered by FeedBurner

2. If you are using my Old Feedreader link (http://feeds.feedburner.com/gnomeaggedon),

continue to do so, but if you suddenly stop getting posts from me, know that you need to PANIC!

If that happens, come back and sign up again using either the WordPress Feed (1) or the new FeedBurner Feed (3).

I heart FeedBurner

3.  The new FeedBurner Feed. (http://feeds2.feedburner.com/ArmaggedonsComing)I created it just in case the old one goes belly up.

Plus of course the options of:

4. Bookmark Me!

5. Use AllTop to check all the best Blogs.

Alltop, confirmation that we kick ass

Gnomer and Out!


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If it looks like Victoria…

If it looks like Victoria and sounds like Victoria, is it Victoria…

No, but then I am glad that I didn’t find this place a week ago, and even now with a few friends evacuating due to the latest infernos I am feeling a little funny about this “art imitates life” bit of Northrend.

Still, while the cause seems to be the same (firebugs), I am glad at least that they are mythical in WoW.

So spot the differences…

Sky Saviourand this one… (more…)

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I asked for it, and apparently I am such an important figure in the WoW blogging community (yeah right!!) that less than a month after having a whinge Blizzard have introduced REAL Instance Maps (well OK, announced would be a better word).

New World Maps Added to Raids and Dungeons in Patch 3.1

I have been hunting for confirmation of this, so thanks Spooner for once again being my source of cool and groovy WoW news.

Gnomer and Out! (more…)

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Don’t Panic He says…

Don’t Panic, He says …

…  well, He said …

… I think the time has come to panic …

The recent news that two of the WoW Blogging community’s favorite bloggers (Gun Loving Dwarf Chick and Resto 4 Life) are hanging up their blogging boots, reminded me that I am missing one of my favorite Mage bloggers.

Just as the Mage battle was heating up last year, he Iceblocked and disappeared!

Gone… without a trace…

Then, out of the blue, comes this cryptic message: (more…)

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It’s a matter of perspective


Are you a 1st person player, or do you need to step back and impartially observe in 3rd person?

I know there are times and places for both views, but just recently while running my AH mule around in 1st person I have been gaining a new respect for perspective. (more…)

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Duel Specs

Freyja is Hawt

How do I kill Arthas

I didn’t want to, but apparently there are GoogledGnome fans out there.

With 3.1 in PTR, there are some Google searches that are bound to come my way. Just to help the probability gods, I will write about them in advance.



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I remember Bre saying in a past Twisted Nether Blogcast that you should really do yourself a favor and take a turtle ride from the Borean Tundra. Larisa recently reinforced this.

So, I decided I would take the trip.

Now, what’s that old saying….

Curiosity killed the Gnome!


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A TV guide with a  sense of humor?

What’s next?

Obviously this is completely unrelated to WoW, but my Wife and I have been getting a chuckle out of it, so I thought I would share the silliness.

Our local glossy newspaper, come Real-Estate advertisement (Northern Weekly, Fairfax Community network), also has a TV guide.

Here are some of the gems from this weeks guide.

Two and a Half Men: Smooth as a Ken Doll
Barbie convinces her husband Ken to let her use candle wax during an unconventional depilatory session. (more…)

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Joining the Dots: my love for ? and !

Larisa wrote a fantastic post (as usual) the other day about those ? and ! and how they have shrunk her world, and playing experience.

After reading through it, I found I didn’t agree, I said as much in her comments, but felt I needed to reveal the truth to you all.

You see, those poor ? and ! are sitting targets, easy to see and easy to blame for not experiencing the whole World of Warcraft Experience.  In fact, if anything I have found recently that they are the opposite, not restrictors, rather keys to open the doors of Warcraft.

How can this be? (more…)

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Loved by Gnomes

Well, I can finally get back to the grind to 80!

Since the Achievements went in (well before actually, but I just needed a motivator), I have wanted to be loved by Gnomes World wide.  But the Gnomes are a difficult bunch to please.

  • Dwarves… easy, way too easy considering their dour demeanor.
  • Draenei (The Exiled Ones – Oi!, get your hands of that title.. that’s the Gnomes!) .. Easy, I guess because they were so late on the scene they are happy to have any friends at all.
  • Night Elves… they throw their reputation to the wind… seems they are like Druids in general and like it when you go killing (diseased) trees… and reward for it!
  • Humans… Pretty easy too, but I must admit I left them hanging on.
  • But Gnomes… geeez, Exiles alright! Spread across the world in some of the remotest of places, refusing to be anyone’s friend easily!

But… but… but… I finally won them over.



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