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What a blast the invasion has been. I’m a big fan of the Zombie invasion.

For a predominantly PVE individual, i find it amusing that I’ve become a ZvP fan.

I was down in Redridge completing achievements when my taste for grey matter became unquenchable.  The scourge had started that day. I took out Lakeshire with some level 70s, not a npc or player was left standing…..time to take the infection to Ironforge.


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Greetings and salutations

Hi fellow readers of gnomer’s blog.

Just a quick post to say hello.

Gnomer introduced me to his blog one night whilst playing together on our Friday night Kara run. Since then I’ve become an avid reader and occasional commenter.

Unlike gnomer, a researcher and theory crafter, I learn predominantly by doing. So I must apologize in advance. I won’t be keeping up gnomer’s regular posting rate and the posts I do do, won’t be nearly as well grounded in the numbers behind the game. (more…)

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