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GoogledGnome #24

Fastest way to level a warlock

Refer a friend (RAF)?

Otherwise this is definitely the wrong blog.

I’m all about leveling slowly (or not at all) while picking up as much über twink gear as possible.

I suggest checking out the Lock blogs on my ReadByGnome page – they are bound to have leveling tips.

Gnomer and Out!

This was another post in the continuing exploration of how people reach Armaggedons Coming via Google.  As usual, plese feel free to comment or ignore

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Am I human?

Am I human?

OK, so this one is a little silly.

I was going to join a website using my real Gnomish Name:

Things were going well, they even wanted to know where I lived…

But then things fell off the rails, and I decided not to join up… (more…)

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