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Hollow pleasure

Hollow pleasure

So I jumped on WoW last night because I just couldn’t sleep, the question was what to do.

Time Sink

I decided that I wanted to do my first post-patch PvP, but thought I would quickly go grab lolly jars from The Eastern Kingdoms.  I had 50% of them, so how long could it take.

Man, what’s time sink.  Sure, not hard work, see flight master, fly route, run to inn, grab candy, see flight master.  Rinse & repeat.

While on the back of one bird I started thinking how I should be more efficient, maybe go /love some critters while I was out and about in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Then it occurred to me I was blowing 1/2 hour, why make it an hour?

Anyway, one more achievement down. (more…)

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GoogledGnome #23

Escape artist pvp trinket macro

If I got a gold piece for every time I wished I had this macro I would be a very rich Gnome.

If I remember right, while it is possible to make a macro that looks like it should work, the reality is it will be broken. (more…)

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