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Hey Folks,

Any hair left on your heads (and no I am not talking about the mandatory trip to the ingame Barber)?

As would be expected with any WoW “patch” this size, addons are continuing to break and evolve as those breakages are being reported to the Addon authors, so…

Stick with it, chin up and all that stuff

Report the errors you see so that things can get fixed

OK, now more specifically to Auctioneer.

Error Reporting

One of the nice things about Auctioneer is it’s error reporting frame, which nicely captures errors which may (or may not be) related to Auctioneer. (more…)

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Playtime vs. PLAYTIME

Playtime vs. PLAYTIME

My WoW-Widow, WoW-Orphan and I have different perspectives on WoW Playtime.

At times like these, when people are madly tracking down addons, updating talent specs, looking for guides etc, this stuff really comes to a head.  This is the reason that while my UI is different to the stock-standard Blizzard UI, it is a f-bomb-ing mess.  I might get to install the addon in the 30 seconds between passionately wishing my wife good night, and logging in to raid, but I don’t get to screw around with it.

If it works 1st time, it stays.  If it requires configuration, it goes.

So here are the different perspectives. (more…)

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My 2 year old’s love/hate relationship with Gnomes



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