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GoogledGnome #21

Enchant weapon – major spellpower cost

(stupid iPhone ate my post)

Attempt two.

There are only two costs you could be referring to about this enchant:

  • The cost of mats, or
  • The cost of the tip to your enchanter.

It can’t be the cost if the formula, as this is a BoP drop, so no grinding the AH for the formula. (more…)

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WoWAceUpdater is Dead, Long Live CurseClient

WoWAceUpdater is Dead, Long Live CurseClient

Rest In Peace: files.wowace and WowAceUpdater

Posted by Kaelten on 10/15/2008 04:43:01

So WoWAce lovers may not realise (despite WoWAceUpdater not doing anything) that WoWAce has now bitten the dust. This was fortold some time ago, but WoWAce and it’s updater were supported until the CurseClient was remodelled and improved. (more…)

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