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Dalaran, Onyxia and Fishing

OK 3 completely unrelated topics.


Gnome took one last trip out to Alterac Mountains to look at Dalaran. Rumour has it that the big purple sphere won’t be there for very much longer. (more…)

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It ends in 1337’ness

Well folks, I have loved our little battle of the Mages.

It all started with an offhand comment that I made.. and Gnome did the battle rage.

Fire vs. Arcane vs. Frost (and when the dead crawled back into his grave, a Gnome picked up the Popsicle).

It’s been a blast (in more ways than one), and it has given me great pleasure to see the Mage community and many more join in the joy that is a battle of pyrotechnics.

If you want a “real” analysis of Mage talents, both past and future, then Euripides at Critical QQ is doing an indepth series.. go check it out. (Fire and Arcane up now). (more…)

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