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GoogledGnome #16

GoogledGnome #16

Wow badge gear wait for wolk

Yep, and your copper ore, linen cloth and Red Defias Mask.

They will be something to show your grandkids, or at least newbie guildies.

I remember when all we had was badges of justice

I would suggest burning your badges (in a big bonfire outside the Stormwind AH) on either better gear or maybe even better, stock up on the “new green gems” (which are our current epic gems).

Think about it, why waste money on new green gems for your new, yet soon to me replaced level 75 blues? Might be better of dropping some old readily available gems in them.

Gnomer and Out!


This was another post in the continuing exploration of how people reach Armaggedons Coming via Google. As usual, plese feel free to comment or ignore

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